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T43 - Password: A Gameshow of Inter-Professional Nutrition Support Communication

‐ Feb 21, 2017 4:00pm

ASPEN embodies the ideal approach to clinical nutrition, sponsoring a dialogue between professionals of all disciplines. Unfortunately, our interdisciplinary communication skills need some work. In the tradition of Clinical Pearls and the very successful CNW game shows in past years, we are presenting the Password Game or Multidisciplinary Communication. The goal is to focus on three key topic areas: Refeeding Syndrome, Drug-Nutrient Interactions, and Nutritional Deficiencies. Our contestants will consist of a pharmacist, nurse, physician, and dietitian. They will form two teams to get their teammate to identify the symptom using only one-word clues. At the end of each game, a sponsor will present a didactic review of the targeted topic.


  1. List the key electrolytes depleted in a refeeding syndrome patient
  2. Predict potential drug-nutrient interactions based on the kinetics of the drug absorption
  3. Identify nutritional deficiencies based on clinical insight afforded by this program