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Providing Nutrition Rehabilitation to Survivors of Critical Illness

‐ Jan 28, 2021 5:00pm

Credits: None available.

Numerous studies have examined various facets of nutrition in critically ill patients while they are admitted to an ICU. In contrast, very few studies have examined the role of nutrition rehabilitation in ICU survivors beyond the ICU and hospital discharge. Many survivors go on to experience ICU-acquired weakness and post-intensive care syndrome, a constellation of health-related comorbidities encompassing reduced functional, cognitive, and mental health.

Optimizing the nutritional health of ICU survivors is likely paramount to facilitating optimal recovery, yet limited evidence to date suggests that in the early phases of ward-based recovery, patients have poor nutritional intake due to a number of barriers that can be difficult for clinicians to mitigate. Furthermore, recent evidence suggests many clinicians are not aware of post-intensive care syndrome.

Thus, the goal of this timely webinar is to educate clinicians on the negative sequelae of health-related morbidities ICU survivors face, provide a comprehensive overview on what we know about nutrition rehabilitation, and discuss pragmatic strategies to optimize the nutritional health of survivors across the continuum of recovery.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define post-intensive care syndrome and describe current evidence relating to the nutrition health of ICU survivors across the trajectory of recovery
  • Understand the barriers and facilitators to improving nutritional intake and status in survivors of critical illness to enhance recovery
  • Utilize strategies to improve the nutrition care of ICU survivors





Credits: None available.