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RW-2017 - Research Workshop-Gastric Bypass: The Role of the Gut

‐ Feb 18, 2017 4:00pm

Obesity is a global health problem and ameliorative strategies remain a major research focus. Although several interventions have been trialed, the mainstay of current therapy anchors on lifestyle modification inclusive of nutrition and exercise. Primary criticisms of the current treatment modalities


  1. Summarize the current literature exploring the role of gut derived signals in modulating disease pathology in the context of Gastric Bypass
  2. Identify the role of bile acids as signaling molecules mediating the Gut-Liver crosstalk as well as the role of the gut microbiota and metabolic signaling secondary to nutrient intake in the context of Gastric Bypass
  3. Describe the strengths and limitations of the existing literature and identify directions and designs for new clinical translational and basic research
  4. Evaluate clinically relevant, and cutting-edge research, on the mechanisms by which gut derived signals modulate outcomes post bariatric surgery