Clinical Assistant Professor Sandra Wolfe Citty PhD, ARNP-BC, CNE

VA GRECC Research Nurse, North Florida / South Georgia Veterans Affairs Medical Center; Clinical Associate Professor, University of Florida College of Nursing, Gainesville, FL

Dr. Sandra Citty is a Clinical Associate Professor in the University of Florida College of Nursing and a Clinical Nurse Investigator at the North Florida South Georgia Veterans Health System in Gainesville Florida. She is passionate about improving health care outcomes for clients with- or at-risk for malnutrition. She is an RN/APRN with over 26 years experience in nursing practice, education and research working in a variety of settings including medical-surgical acute care practice, family practice, pre-surgical settings in public, private and academic health science center hospitals. She has worked with Epic systems for the past 10 years at University of Florida Health and have experience working with a variety of EHRs such as Meditech and CPRS/BCMA. She has been involved in quality and process improvement projects related to quality and patient safety specifically evaluating and implementing process, workflow and EHRs for common issues that impact health outcomes and nursing practice, including insulin administration and documentation, errors of omission of nursing care, and enteral nutrition administration and documentation. Her current projects are focused on safety of enteral nutrition in hospitalized patients. She is an active member of ASPEN's Clinical Practice Committee and Clinical Informatics Committee.