Anne Marie_Rivard

Anne Marie Rivard MPH, RD, CDN, CSR, CCTD

Clinical Dietitian, Transplant Team, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Anne Marie Rivard has been a practicing registered dietitian for 19 years, specializing in solid organ transplant nutrition, including kidney, liver, and heart. In addition to her transplant responsibilities, she works together with a renowned specialist in Wilson disease management, and developed an interest in the role that nutrition can play in disease management. She has dedicated time to helping those with Wilson disease navigate the course of the disease over her years in practice, authoring a chapter on nutrition in “Dietary Copper and Diet Issues for Patients with Wilson Disease,” as well as serving as a contributing author to the 2022 updates to AASLD's practice guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of Wilson disease. Through her work in both transplant and Wilson disease, Anne Marie’s goal is to show people that they can still live a full life with a varied diet while not discounting the role of nutrition in disease management. She lives outside New Haven, CT with her husband and three children.