Berri Burns MSEd, RD, LD, CNSC

Advanced Practice II Registered Dietitian, Infusion Pharmacy at Home/Center for Connected Care, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

Berri Burns is an Advanced Practice II Registered Dietitian at Cleveland Clinic's Home Infusion Pharmacy, and she has worked in the home infusion industry since 2012. Her current role focuses on enteral nutrition and preparing patients and caregivers to safely transition to home with HEN. In 2016, Berri was awarded the Cleveland Clinic Center of Connected Care Outstanding Professional Award for dedicated service and outstanding contributions.

Berri is an active member of ASPEN's Public Policy Committee and Home Enteral Nutrition Committee. She has presented at ASPEN, FNCE, and NHIA Annual Conferences, and she serves as the Ohio Dietitian at Large for her state OSPEN organization. Berri also maintains her credential as a certified nutrition support clinician.