Carla Gressies MSc

Clinical Research Associate, Medical University Department; PhD Student, Cantonal Hospital Aarau, Aargau, Switzerland

I am Carla Gressies, I am working as a clinical research associate and PhD candidate at Cantonal Hospital Aarau (Switzerland). I studied nutritional science in Giessen (Germany) and graduated with a Master of Science degree in 2018. In addition to my studies, I gained initial experience in basic research (Max-Planck-Institute Bad Nauheim) and statistics with R. After completing my academic degree, I specialized in disease-related malnutrition, initially working in the outpatient setting. Moving to Switzerland in 2021, I started to do research in Prof. Philipp Schuetz research group at Cantonal Hospital Aarau in Medical University Department (Division of General Internal and Emergency Medicine). I am currently coordinating the multicenter EFFORTII trial and conducting research on treatment outcome prediction and personalized nutrition (PhD-Candidate). Besides I am Co-director for the CAS in Clinical Nutrition of GESKES – Swiss Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.