Carole Thompson MSC, RD, CNSC, CDE

Critical Care Dietitian and Team Lead, Halifax Infirmary - NS Health, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Carole Thompson, MSc, RD, CNSC, CDE, is Critical Care Dietitian currently practicing in the Med / Surg / Neuro / Burns / Trauma ICU at the Halifax Infirmary. She has a Master’s degree in Nutrition and over 20 years of experience in critical and burn nutrition care. She is Board certified in both Nutrition Support and Diabetes Education. She believes in the absolute power of nutrition - and how crucial optimizing nutrition status is, in the overall care of all patients, particularly those with very high requirements such as burn injury and critical illness. Her current interests are: comprehensive admission nutrition risk screening; the use of Indirect calorimetry and LBM assessment techniques in the ICU; micronutrient requirements in critical illness, and outcome measures for nutrition therapy in the ICU.


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