Céline Vetter PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Integrative Physiology, University of Colorado Boulder, Louisville, CO

As a translational chronobiologist and sleep researcher, Dr. Céline Vetter focuses on understanding how sleep and circadian disruption relate to health and disease. Her laboratory currently examines three main lines of research. First, Dr. Vetter examines the link between work hours, shift work, and work organization relate to sleep and circadian disruption, as well as cardiometabolic disease. Second, Dr. Vetter studies how regularity of light exposure, sleep, and meals may serve as useful targets for interventions. Third, Dr. Vetter examines behavioral and physiological pathways from sleep and circadian disruption to chronic disease. Dr. Vetter received her PhD and postdoctoral training in human chronobiology at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. In 2014, she moved to Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital to train in chronic disease epidemiology. She joined the faculty there in 2016, and then launched her own laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder as Assistant Professor in 2017. Dr. Vetter has authored >60 peer-reviewed original research articles in top-tier journals, incl. JAMA, JACC, Diabetes Care, Current Biology, and Nature Communications. Her work is funded and supported by the NIH, the Department of Energy, the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, and CU Boulder.

Email: celine.vetter@colorado.edu