Diana Cárdenas_Braz

Diana Cárdenas Braz MD, PhD

Chief Editor, Revista de Nutrición Clínica y Metabolismo from Asociación Colombiana de Nutrición Clínica, Bogota, Colombia

Diana Cárdenas is a medical doctor, graduate of the Colombian School of Medicine, Universidad El Bosque. She got a master’s degree in metabolism and nutrition from the Université de Paris Diderot, a master’s degree in political science and International Relations from Université de Lyon and a PhD in philosophy from Université Franche-Compté, France.

She has been working on clinical nutrition for more than 20 years in different countries, and on ethics for the last decade. Currently, she is Professor of Nutrition at the University of El Bosque, Editor-in-Chief of the Revista de Nutrición Clinica y Metabolismo and Associate Editor of Clinical Nutrition ESPEN. Previously, she worked at the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Central America where she was in charge of the bioethics program. The focus of her research is on the link between ethics, human rights, and clinical nutrition.

Dr. Cardenas is a member and collaborator of several international scientific societies of clinical nutrition, European Society of Clinical Nutrition (ESPEN), Latin American Federation of Clinical Nutrition (FELANPE), Colombian Society of Clinical Nutrition (ACNC), Francophone Society on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (SFNCM). She is currently the coordinator of the International Working Group for patients´ right to nutritional care.