Eileen Hendrickson PharmD, MBA,BCSCP

Director of Pharmacy, Home Care Services, Center for Connected Care, Cleveland Clinic, Independence, OH

Eileen Hendrickson is the Director of Pharmacy, Home Infusion Pharmacy, Center for Connected Care, Cleveland Clinic. She and her colleagues at the Center are focused on caring for patients throughout the post-acute care experience. As a home infusion pharmacist and team member for 23 years, she has developed clinical programs to ensure quality and safety for home infusion patients. A major focus of these programs has been creating pathways to improve communication and documentation of the home experience within the health system electronic medical record. Eileen has presented on the subject of Home Infusion as part of the continuum of care.  She has developed an APPE home infusion and ambulatory care clinical rotation for pharmacy graduates students to foster education in the specialty field. Eileen recently co-authored an article on navigating reimbursement for parenteral nutrition, published in Nutrition and Clinical Practice. Eileen obtained her BS in Pharmacy from the University of Toledo, her PharmD degree from the University of Florida and is currently a candidate to receive her MBA from Ursuline College in 2014.