Frederick Moore MD, FACS, MCCM

Professor, Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Frederick Moore was born, raised, and educated in western Pennsylvania. In 1979, he moved to Denver, Colorado where completed his General Surgery training at the University of Colorado. In 1986, he joined the faculty to become a trauma surgeon at the Denver General Hospital. In 1996, he moved to the University of Texas-Houston to become the Dr “Red” Duke Professor of Surgery and Medical Director of Trauma of the Hermann Hospital. In 2011, Dr Moore moved to the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville to head the new division of Acute Care Surgery. Throughout his career, Dr Moore has focused his research on the evolving syndrome to multiple organ failure (MOF) through a series of NIH team science P50 grants. These have supported his research studies in a) demonstrating the beneficial effects of early enteral nutrition, b) explaining the role of the gut in MOF pathobiology and c) in documenting the most recent predominant MOF phenotype of chronic critical illness (CCI) as a result of the persistent inflammation, immunosuppression and catabolism syndrome (PICS). His talk today will focus on results of a five-year prospective clinical study that has characterized PICS-CCI after sepsis in the UF surgical ICUs.