Medical Director Pediatric Nutrition Support (Manitoba Home Nutrition Program), Pediatrics and Child Health, Children Hospital Winnipeg; University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Dr. Gina Rempel is a nutrition support pediatrician who has spent a life time watching children eat. Her special interest is in optimising nutrition in children with medical complexity who have eating and drinking difficulties. Many of these children require multimodal feeding plans that include both oral and enteral nutrition to safely achieve their nutrition goals. Gina is a clinician and medical lead in the inpatient nutrition support program at Children’s Hospital in Winnipeg and also provides medical leadership to provincial nutrition support program in her home province of Manitoba. Gina is involved with teaching for learners at all levels within the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Manitoba and participates in clinical research and knowledge translation work to define malnutrition and pre-surgical nutritional optimization in children with neurological impairment. Gina is a staunch advocate for children with medical complexity in general and their nutrition support in particular. She has a unique approach being inclusive and “widening the table” so that more children and their families can experience the life-affirming activity of eating.