IMR_Martinez del Rio Requejo

IMR Martinez del Rio Requejo MD, MCN

Head of Clinical Nutrition Team, Paediatric Clinical Nutrition and Home Nutrition , "20 de Noviembre" National Medical Center; Clinical Nutrition Professor, Anahuac University, The National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

She studied Medicine at Anahuac University México, where she also obtained a Master's degree in Clinical Nutrition. She completed postgraduate studies in Metabolic and Nutritional Support at the ISSSTE Hospital and then started as a Chief of nutrition team in “20 Noviembre” Medical Center where she is professor for Metabolic and Nutritional Support for medical and nutrition students, also professor of the LLL-ESPEN European Certification. She participated as Visiting Professor at Dell's Childrens Hospital in Austin Texas in childhood obesity, and she also developed programs for the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity at the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE). She has written various articles and research for international conferences, as well as reviewer of clinical practice guidelines at the national ESPEN's Journals, and Nutricion Clinica from the Spanish Clinical Nutrition Society. She is a member of national and international societies: Colegio Mexicano de Nutricion Clinica, Obesity Society (TOS), Mexican Academy Study of Obesity (AMEO) ,ESPEN. She is certified as a National Expert in Obesity (COBELAT) by the Mexican Academy for the Study of Obesity (AMEO) and by the Latin American Federation of Obesity Societies and Associations (FLASO), and for Clinical Nutrition for ESPEN.