Jayme Scali

Parent and Patient Advocate; Patient Liaison, Optum Infusion Pharmacy, Thornton, PA

My name is Jayme Scali, I am a Patient Liaison for Optum Infusion Pharmacy with over 15 years of personal and professional experience in supporting patients and families with managing complexities associated with Parenteral Nutrition Support therapies. I have 3 children, my oldest, Olivia, has Mitochondrial Disease, and she has been on nutrition support therapies for 14 years. My son, David, has Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome, and recently started PN this year. Having personal experience has enhanced my ability to support others and help them achieve a higher level of quality of life despite the complexity of the therapy. In addition, I am also a part of the Nemours Children’s Health System Family Advisory Board, Nemours CLABSI Taskforce Board, a member of the Pennsylvania Medicaid Parent Sub-Committee, and a member of the Pennsylvania Medicaid MCO Shift-Nursing Work Group. Being an active member of the community, and sharing resources, education, and support with others is my passion.

Email: jscali@optum.com


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