Joop Jonckheer MD, PhD

ICU Director, University Hospital Brussel, Free University Brussel, Brussel, BE

Professor Doctor Joop Jonckheer (MD, PhD) is an intensive care physician working as a head of clinics in the university hospital of Brussels ( UZBrussel). He graduated from medical school in the class of 2010 from the Vrije Universiteit van Brussel (VUB). After this training as a pneumologist, which he did in various Belgian hospital ( Hopital Erasme ICU at Jean-louis Vincent, ZNA Middelheim, ZNA Stuivenberg) he returned to the UZBrussel to start his one year intensive care training in 2016. He worked closely with professor Elisabeth De Waele, from whom he gained the interest in clinical nutrition in the ICU. In this domain, groundbreaking research has led to various articles and an PhD about metabolic cart directed nutrition therapy during CRRT. He participated in the ESPEN Guidelines in Renal patients and has gained a lot of expertise of feeding ICU patients requiring ECMO.

He has a loving wife and three kids who support him in all of his professional goals.