Leslie Murray RD, CNSC

Clinical Dietitian, Department of Nutrition, Duke University Hospital, Durham, NC

Leslie Murray is a Registered Dietitian and Clinical Nutrition Support Specialist with over 20 years' experience in acute and critical care nutrition. She is currently practicing in the Surgical Trauma ICU and is part of the Nutrition Support Team at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC. Throughout her career at Duke, Leslie has been instrumental in driving practice change including peri-op TPN provision and more recently peri-op enteral nutrition protocol. Most recently, Leslie was honored to receive the Beverly Holcombe Award for Best Abstract at the MASPEN conference as well as a poster presentation at the 2023 ASPEN conference. "Implementation of a Perioperative Nutrition Protocol in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit". In addition to her clinical nutrition care work, Leslie has expanded her scope to include work with nutrition support research at Duke and participation on ASPEN enteral nutrition committee. When she's not at the hospital, you can find Leslie and her husband Keith enjoying the outdoors biking, gardening, and traveling.