Lora Chizmar RD, ACSM-EP

Surgical Dietitian, Department of Veterans Affairs, Orlando, FL

Lora is currently working as the inpatient surgical dietitian at the Orlando VA Healthcare System. She is heavily involved in developing protocols for the Orlando VA's new Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program for colorectal surgery and its new bariatric surgery program. Each month, she teaches onboarding nurses the fundamentals of nutrition support and delivers short nutrition education talks to the general surgery team. She is passionate about recognizing early signs of malnutrition, especially in the surgical population. Lora originally trained at the James A Haley Veterans' Hospital in Tampa, Florida where she performed the research for the two papers she has co-authored: "COVID-19 and micronutrient deficiency symptoms – is there some overlap?" and "A questionnaire for physical findings of malnutrition when physical exams are not possible." She now enjoys living in sunny Orlando and is always ready for a good debate on best nutrition support options.