Lubos Sobotka MD, PhD

Consultant in Clinical Nutrition, 3rd Department of Internal - Metabolic Care and Gerontology, Charles University, Hradec Králové, Kralovehradecky kraj, Czech Republic

Luboš Sobotka, Prof., MD, PhD. Nationality: Czech 1970-1976 Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague 1980 PhD in physiology, 1985 Specialist examination in Internal Medicine 2000 Specialist examination in Diabetology. 2003-2017 Head of Dept. Metabolic Care and Gerontology Professor of Medicine Editor in Chief of the international Blue Book - Basic in Clinical Nutrition – 1st edition 1999, 2nd edition 2000, 3rd edition 2004. – Translated to Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Chinese, Urdu, Portuguese 4th edition 2011 – Translated to Greece and, Turkish, Vietnamese, Polish. 5th Edition 2019