Marie-Pierre St-Onge PhD, CCSH, FAHA

Associate Professor of Nutritional Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York, NY

Dr. St-Onge is the founding Director of the Sleep center of excellence ~ Connecting day & night rhythms, at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. The overall focus of her research is the study of the impact of lifestyle, specifically sleep and diet, on cardio-metabolic risk factors. Dr. St-Onge has been NIH-funded since 2008, conducting innovative, cutting-edge clinical research combining her expertise on sleep, nutrition, and energy balance regulation to address questions related to the role of circadian rhythms, including sleep duration and timing as well as meal timing and eating patterns, on cardiometabolic risk. She has strong expertise in the conduct of controlled inpatient and outpatient studies of sleep and dietary manipulations. She is a pioneer in this field, having chaired the first scientific statements endorsed by the American Heart Association on sleep and cardiometabolic health as well as meal timing and frequency and cardiovascular disease risk prevention. She is the recipient of an NHLBI Outstanding Investigator Award and standing member of the Human Studies of Diabetes and Obesity Study Section at the NIH.