Michael Christensen PharmD

Director, Parenteral Nutrition Service, Pharmacy Department, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital; Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Translational Science, University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN

Michael Christensen received his B.S. in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University in 1978 and Pharm.D. from the University of Tennessee in 1982. He completed a residency in pediatric pharmacotherapy at LeBonheur Children’s Medical Center and a fellowship in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Dr. Christensen spent 6 years at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as a clinical pharmacist and developed the metabolic support service. In 1990 Dr. Christensen joined the full-time faculty at the University of Tennessee, College of Pharmacy. Dr. Christensen is a board-certified nutrition support pharmacist since 1993 and currently the Director of the Parenteral Nutrition Service at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital and recently completed his term as Chair for Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties Specialty Council on Nutrition Support Pharmacy. Dr. Christensen has more than 130 published articles, book chapters and abstracts. His research interests include the design, implementation and analysis of clinical drug trials in children with an emphasis on early phase or pharmacokinetic disposition studies in children; metabolic and nutrient requirements in infants, and evaluation of prescribing trends for therapeutic areas where a high percentage of pediatric drug development programs failed to result in FDA-approved labeling for use in children.