Phila Breeding RN

Nutrition Support Nurse, Christiana Care Health Services, Newark, DE

I graduated from nursing school in 1976. I became a hospital nutrition support nurse in 1987, certifying as a nutrition support nurse a few years later. After 10 years I transferred to home nutrition support care where I continue to work today. I am responsible for the management of the majority of PN patients discharged from Christiana Care Health System, usually around 40-50 adult patients. The patients suffer from a variety of conditions ranging from short bowel syndrome to cancer, pancreatitis, fistulas, bowel obstruction, etc. I have been a member of ASPEN for over 30 years and served on the NSNBC in various roles for over 10 years. I have been dedicated to improving the quality of life in these PN dependent patients who have often been abandoned by their other health care providers.