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WEB170328 - Parenteral Nutrition Appropriateness Consensus Recommendations

‐ Mar 28, 2017 2:30pm

ASPEN is pleased to present the best of Clinical Nutrition Week 2017 (CNW17) in a four-part series. Beginning March 28, 2017, two top sessions from CNW17 will be rebroadcast each week. At the end of each rebroadcast, a member of the faculty panel will join in to facilitate a question and answer period to enhance your learning of the subject matter.


  1. Discuss the challenges for identifying evidence-based indications for PN therapy
  2. List clinical factors that should be considered when assessing appropriate candidates for PN
  3. Describe practical strategies for the appropriate use of PN in a variety of clinical situations
  4. Identify monitoring parameters to assess progress toward therapeutic goals, the need to adjust the PN prescription, and when to wean or discontinue this therapy