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PNW-2018 - Parenteral Nutrition Order Writing Workshop

‐ Jan 22, 2018 4:00pm

Credits: None available.

The workshop is designed to train clinicians to assess a patient requiring parenteral nutrition (PN) and subsequently initiate and manage the PN therapy for that patient. The workshop will be offered in two sessions. The first will emphasize the basic concepts of PN order writing and management and the second will allow for application of the knowledge gained through work in small groups on sample patient cases with faculty experts.


  • Create and write a PN formula according to the patient’s nutrition assessment
  • Create a safe PN formula order per compounding and stability limits
  • Identify potential nutrient interactions in a PN solution and adjust the PN order accordingly
  • Manage PN in a patient from initiation to achieving the goal rate and beyond
  • Manage electrolytes in PN in the face of abnormal patient laboratory values and medications
  • Manage PN while accounting for differences in patient diagnoses and age



Credits: None available.