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PG-2018 - Postgraduate Course: Critical Care

‐ Jan 22, 2018 4:00pm

Credits: None available.

This is the optimal course for physicians, dietitians, nurses, and pharmacists who work with critically ill patients. Join your colleagues for an in-depth learning experience in critical care nutrition.


  • Describe methods and tools to screen for malnutrition when conducting a nutrition-focused physical examination in critically ill patients
  • List the causes and consequences of feeding interruptions and identify novel approaches to assure early nutritional adequacy in critically ill patients
  • Summarize the effects of protein supplements on muscle protein synthesis and the potential benefits of specific amino acids/amino acid derivatives
  • Discuss general trace element and micronutrient deficiencies including emerging data on dialysis and critically ill burn patients
  • Explain the importance of the microbiome during physiologic stress and the potential impact of probiotic therapy during critical illness
  • Identify the causes and consequences of constipation as well as the mechanisms underlying existing and novel therapies


Credits: None available.