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WEB180924 - Diagnosing Malnutrition in the Obese Patient: A General Approach

‐ Sep 24, 2018 5:00pm

This year’s Malnutrition Awareness Week will be focused on the nutrition screening process and diagnosing malnutrition within specialty populations. The programs will also address continued treatment of malnourished individuals after discharge. This webinar will address the misunderstanding of how an obese patient can be malnourished despite not presenting as the stereotypical cachectic malnourished individual. It will also detail the process of assessment and diagnosing of malnutrition in this population.


  • Explain how an obese patient can still be malnourished
  • Provide examples of challenges or obstacles in identifying malnutrition in obese patients
  • Define how the nutrition assessment may be different for obese patients, including the assessment process.
  • List components of the NFPE which are more or less specific to the obese patient