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NURSF - Nutrition Support Nurses Section Forum: Assessing Nutrition Risk in Acute and Critical Illness in Hospitalized Patients Across the Lifespan

‐ Mar 19, 2021 4:15pm

In this presentation, there will be an overview of assessment parameters necessary to conduct a comprehensive evidence-based risk assessment in acute and critically ill patients across the lifespan. Using an interdisciplinary approach to patient care, the speaker will address, through the use of case studies, the real and perceived barriers and challenges to delivery of optimal nutrition therapy in acutely ill patients.

Sharon Y. Irving, PhD, CRNP, FCCM, FAAN
Associate Professor of Pediatric Nursing
University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Philadelphia, PA

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Surgery
Hasbro Children's Hospital, Providence, RI

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss key elements of nutrition assessment in hospitalized patients
  • Identify patients at increased risk for poor outcomes
  • Characterize the associations of nutrition status at a patient presentation of illness and patient outcomes