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Collaborating with Non-Nutrition Clinicians on Malnutrition Strategies

‐ Oct 6, 2021 12:00pm

Malnutrition is a complex condition which requires a multidisciplinary treatment approach for the best outcomes. Due to the ever-changing environment within institutions and available resources, many nutrition experts find themselves working with members of the healthcare team who may not be aware of the latest research and recommendations specific to malnutrition interventions. To ensure the patient’s care is not adversely impacted, the nutrition experts must adapt to these environmental changes and identify the best way to successfully contribute to the nutrition plan of care in treating malnutrition alongside all team members caring for the patients. This webinar will focus on the multidisciplinary team approach to identifying and treating malnutrition when expertise varies across the members of the team and will consist of application of content through case presentations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in identifying and treating malnutrition in the hospitalized adult.
  • Demonstrate understanding of healthcare professionals’ role in identifying and treating malnutrition.
  • Describe how nutrition professionals can address malnutrition with a physician in order to successfully initiate nutrition support, either enterally or parenterally.