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Nutrition Implications of Long COVID

‐ Feb 22, 2022 6:30pm

Credits: None available.

Long COVID is seen when symptoms persist longer than 30 days. The pleasure of eating is interfered by persistent nausea and no taste and can lead to malnutrition, in addition to other metabolic alterations or consequences of the acute phase of illness.

This webinar focuses on the epidemiology and pathophysiology of long COVID and addresses its nutritional consequences and potential treatment options. It is a very timely topic as we all continue to struggle to optimally treat our patients with COVID-19.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the epidemiology and pathophysiology of long COVID.
  • Identify the nutrition complications of long COVID, including anosmia and dysgeusia.
  • Examine the role of nutritional supplements in the prevention and treatment of long COVID.
  • Discuss the nutritional components of persistent inflammation, immunosuppression, and catabolism





Credits: None available.