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web220914 - Pediatric and Neonatal Nutrition Support

‐ Sep 14, 2022 3:00pm

ASPEN’s Nutrition Support Fundamentals Course (NSFC) provides a comprehensive overview of nutrition support therapy. The course can be used as a tool for helping you identify personal knowledge gaps to further identify future areas of learning. Whether you are preparing for the certification examinations or seeking additional professional growth in nutrition support, recognizing these knowledge gaps allows you to use your professional development time and energy more effectively. In addition to providing a thorough review of core nutrition support topics such as nutrition assessment and nutrient deficiencies, parenteral nutrition, enteral nutrition, fluids and electrolytes, and pediatrics, the NSFC will also include specialty areas of nutrition support such as home care, critical care, gastrointestinal disorders, ethics, and statistics. Don’t miss this invaluable nutrition support-focused course!

Learning Objectives:

  • List the primary components of a nutrition assessment for a pediatric patient
  • Identify the different types of infant and pediatric formulas and their recommended uses
  • Define the nutrient needs of a pediatric patient receiving nutrition support
  • Identify indications for parenteral and enteral nutrition support
  • Identify the nutritional requirements of the neonate and indications for parenteral nutrition (PN)
  • Discuss neonatal requirements for macronutrients and micronutrients used in neonatal PN
  • List key compounding challenges in neonatal PN
  • Evaluate the role of human milk as the source of optimal enteral nutrition in the neonate