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Sodium and Zinc: Essential for Pediatric Growth and Development

Credits: None available.

The essential job of childhood is growth and development. Growth and development are supported by adequate macronutrient intake in addition to proper intake and homeostasis of trace elements and electrolytes. Pediatric patients, especially neonates or those with intestinal malabsorption, are at risk for deficiencies of these dietary components. As experts in nutrition, our job is to prescribe, monitor, and adjust the nutrition regimen of our patients to maximize their success.

This webinar aims to give the attendee an overview of two of these important dietary components; zinc and sodium. Speakers will discuss the role of these components in growth and development of patients, which patients are at risk of altered zinc or sodium homeostasis, and how to monitor and administer supplemental zinc and sodium when needed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the role of sodium and zinc in the growth and development of the neonate and pediatric patients.
  • Identify the patient populations that are most vulnerable to deficiencies in zinc and sodium.
  • Know when and how to measure for deficiencies and how to supplement zinc and/or sodium in our pediatric patients.







  • 1.50 - Dietitian
  • 1.50 - Nurse
  • 1.50 - Pharmacist
  • 1.50 - Physician
  • 1.50 - Other