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SA43 - The Road to Rapid Recovery: Prehabilitation and Enhanced Recovery Pathways (SA43)

‐ Apr 22, 2023 5:45pm


  1. Recognize the impact that prehabilitation and ERAS can have outside the traditional perioperative environment
  2. Identify specific nutrition interventions as part of ERAS pathways to improve patient outcomes
  3. Summarize the role of technology in improving patient monitoring and enhancing their care
  4. Describe the relationship between prehabilitation and enhanced recovery pathways to improve patient outcomes

ERAS and Nutrition Interventions

Chelsia Gillis, RD, PhD, CNSC, Assistant Professor, School of Human Nutrition, McGill University; Nutrition Lead, Perioperative Program, McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada

Prehabilitation in Cancer Patients
Nate Parker, MPH, PhD, Assistant Member, Health Outcomes and Behavior Program, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL

The Digital Delivery and Monitoring of Prehabilitation Interventions
Puneeta Tandon, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Jose Pimiento, MD, Associate Professor, GI Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL