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Understanding the Options: Lipid Injectable Emulsions

‐ May 17, 2023 4:15pm

Credits: None available.

Lipids are an integral part of parenteral nutrition (PN). Despite some hesitation over the years with the daily use of lipids due to concerns with hepatic and immune function, lipids are a safe and effective daily source of essential fatty acids and energy with appropriate use. Historically, soybean oil-based lipid injectable emulsion (ILE) was the only formulation in the United States, but several other ILE formulations previously used extensively in Europe have been introduced since 2016. With these additional ILE options, it is often confusing to clinicians as to which is most appropriate for their patients and how to safely use lipids. This webinar will refresh your knowledge of fatty acid metabolism and provide you with a basis to understand the biologic effects of the available ILEs as well as current evidence regarding their impact on clinical outcomes. The session will conclude with discussion regarding the practical implementation of ILE formulations in the hospital setting.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the differences in fatty acid metabolism of Omega 3, 6 and 9.
  • Evaluate the biologic effects of various lipid injectable emulsions (ILEs).
  • Describe the impact of ILE formulations on clinical outcomes in adult hospitalized patients receiving PN.
  • Discuss the importance of daily ILE to provide calories, reduce hyperglycemia and prevent essential fatty acid deficiency (EFAD) in the hospitalized patient receiving PN.
  • Discuss the practical implementation ILE formulations in the hospital setting.

This webinar is non-accredited and sponsored by Baxter.






Credits: None available.