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Dudrick Research Symposium: Evidence Based Nutritional Therapy for the Critically Ill Child

‐ Jan 31, 2011 9:30am

Credits: None available.

The Dudrick Research Symposium is named in honor of Dr. Stanley J. Dudrick whose pioneering research led to the landmark development of parenteral nutrition. The annual Stanley Dudrick Research Scholar Award recognizes and supports an A.S.P.E.N. member/investigator in their early to mid-career who has shown significant achievement and who demonstrates exceptional research productivity and potential. The annual award recipient plans the Dudrick Research Symposium for Clinical Nutrition Week the following year.  


The 2010 recipient, Tom Jaksic, MD, PhD, is a long–time A.S.P.E.N. member who has generously contributed to the organization in many leadership roles, and is currently its vice president.  Dr. Jaksic’s medical and academic positions at Children’s Hospital Boston and the Harvard Medical School afford him the opportunity for clinical practice and research.  His research focuses on the nutrition and metabolism of the pediatric surgical patient and encompasses basic science as well as translational and clinical studies that often utilize stable isotopes to quantify pertinent metabolic pathways. Recent endeavors include the validation of the serial transverse enteroplasty (STEP) bowel lengthening operation; the use of intravenous stable isotopes to study hepatic function in children with intestinal failure associated liver disease; and optimizing protein balance in neonates on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). 


Dr. Jaksic’s symposium will emphasize how nutrition specialists can facilitate recovery as well as promote normal growth and development in sick pediatric patients.  The program features three internationally recognized clinical scientists, Dr. Christina Valentine, Dr. Nilesh Mehta, and Dr. Michael S. Agus, all who will present the latest evidenced-based practice recommendations.  Dr. Valentine is a recognized authority in early amino acid provision and DHA supplementation; Dr. Mehta is the lead investigator of the 1st International Study of Nutritional Therapy in the PICU and primary author of the recently published A.S.P.E.N. guidelines for critically ill children; and Dr. Agus is the principal investigator the Safe Pediatric Euglycemia in Cardiac Surgery (SECS) Trial (NIH 1RO1HL088448).




  • 1.50 - Dietitian
  • 1.50 - Nurse
  • 1.50 - Pharmacist
  • 1.50 - Physician
  • 1.50 - Other