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Raising Awareness: New Enteral Connectors

‐ Apr 30, 2014 1:00pm

Credits: None available.

In 2014, the new ISO enteral connector design will be transitioned into devices in the marketplace. Enteral only components of the EN delivery system will change practice, thus policies, procedures, and processes will need to be modified. Clinicians, caregivers, and patients will need to understand why this patient safety initiative has happened, what practices will be impacted, how whole institutions and agencies will need to be aware throughout the supply chain, what steps make up the transition plan, and what will be the timeline for this industry wide change. These new connectors will impact nurses, dietitians, physicians, pharmacists, caregivers and patients across the healthcare spectrum. This phased program series is designed to educate clinicians, healthcare personnel, and caregivers/patients involved in any way with enteral nutrition.

This first program will be an overview designed to raise awareness about these upcoming changes, about how the healthcare system can prepare for this change, and how teams at institutions and agencies can begin planning for this new system. Issues about the new connectors including definitions, regulatory and system wide language, impact and timing will be included. These new connectors will modify enteral nutrition, hydration, and medication delivery.

Communication around these changes is being handled by GEDSA.

GEDSA is also working with a core group of stakeholders including FDA, ISMP, A.S.P.E.N., The Joint Commission, Premier Safety Institute, Novation, National Patient Safety Foundation, AVA, and Medication Safety Collaborative. GEDSA Stay Connected 2014 brochure is attached.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain why new enteral connector design standards are needed.
  • Describe features of the new enteral connector standards and their safety implications.
  • Outline the timeline for new connector design implementation and transition.Discuss the new connector impact on medication delivery safety
  • Discuss the new connector impact on medication delivery safety.



Credits: None available.