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Post Graduate Course #3: Introduction to Compounding Parenteral Nutrition Solutions

‐ Jan 18, 2014 11:00am

The ability to safely compound a parenteral nutrition solution is a skill that many pharmacists feel that they don’t have. Practitioners must balance the patient’s clinical needs with the basic tenets of aseptic technique and physical and chemical compatibility. Knowledge of the differences in vascular access and parenteral delivery systems must also be considered. This course will provide a basic overview necessary for the safe provision of parenteral nutrition. It is geared toward the pharmacist new to the field and for non-pharmacists with a desire to understand the nuances of PN compounding.


  1. Calculate the composition of a parenteral nutrition solution based on the clinician’s order
  2. Predict the suitability of a parenteral nutrition solution given patient-specific parameters
  3. Describe the complications that can occur if an unstable parenteral nutrition solution is infused and identify ways to prevent them