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Post Graduate Course # 2: Update in Critical Care Nutrition - What is the State of Art?

‐ Jan 18, 2014 4:00pm

This postgraduate course is designed for the practicing nutrition support specialist. It will focus on state-of-the-art evaluation, monitoring, and delivery of nutrition therapy to high-risk ICU populations. The course will begin with an overview of the latest evidence for our understanding of ICU metabolism, nutrition risk, and the optimal delivery of calories and protein. The latest data from new trials of enteral and parenteral feeding will be reviewed and perspectives will be given on how to apply these studies to your practice. The appropriate nutrition evaluation of the ICU patients will also be discussed and a rational approach to determining the quantity of calorie and protein requirements will be addressed. The faculty will then discuss some key challenging patient types, including ICU patients with renal failure, burns, and the high-risk surgical patient. Key controversial topics of specific nutrient-delivery and the many new trials addressing these issues will be addressed including antioxidants and probiotics. The course will conclude with a panel discussion and case presentations, which will illustrate how to apply the wide range of new data to your critical care nutrition practice.


  1. Understand latest evidence for ICU nutrition and high risk surgical patients and how to overcome barriers to optimal delivery of calories and protein
  2. Discuss evaluation of lean body mass and examine long-term outcomes in ICU patients and how the two may be related
  3. Provide optimal nutrition therapy for high-risk patient populations in the ICU, such as burn and neuro ICU patients
  4. Analyze the latest data from key clinical trials and summarize what we have learned from these trials, including a new understanding on the potential safety and role of parenteral nutrition