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RW-2016 - Fat Emulsions and Protein Delivery to the Critically Ill Patient

‐ Jan 16, 2016 5:00pm


  1. Summarize the potential utility of new high-resolution lipidomics/metabolomics in personalized medicine and biomarker development in critical care
  2. Describe the impact of omega-3-fatty acids on endogenous lipid mediators relevant to infection and inflammation
  3. Outline the impact of different IV fat emulsions on whole body metabolic pathways and cellular/organ structure and function (e.g. in gut, liver)
  4. Explain the clinical research basis behind the development as well as current clinical utilization of the various different IV fat emulsions, strengths and limitations of existing clinical research, and needed directions for future clinical research
  5. Evaluate the current IV fat emulsion administration guidelines and what research is needed to solidify these going forward
  6. Evaluate the current basic science and clinical studies dealing with protein delivery in critically ill patient
  7. Summarize the influence on exogenous protein administration on whole body protein kinetics and stress response pathways in critically ill patients
  8. Assess, monitor, and identify patients with low skeletal muscle mass and the influence of exogenous protein on muscle mass
  9. Outline how muscle mass influences functional recovery and the influence of protein administration on functional recovery
  10. List key methodological and practical issues in designed protein dosing studies in critically ill patients