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WEB160809 - Enteral Access, Maintaining Tube Patency, and Preventing Dislocation

‐ Aug 9, 2016 2:30pm

ASPEN is pleased to announce a new training series focusing on enteral nutrition therapy safety. Enteral nutrition is an important therapeutic nutrition intervention used in adults, children and infants for a variety of indications. Appropriate use of this modality includes incorporating practices that maximize patient benefit while minimizing adverse events. In response to the recently developed ASPEN Enteral Nutrition Safety Consensus Recommendations, ASPEN has developed a training series to educate all members of the healthcare team who work with EN to optimize your knowledge base of safe EN.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe safety issues important in choosing enteral access devices and in verifying placement
  2. Describe methods to minimize complications when placing enteral access devices
  3. Describe essential methods for maintaining enteral access device patency
  4. Define processes for preventing enteral access device dislocation