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WEB160929 - Malnutrition Interventions and Programs for the Older Adult

‐ Sep 29, 2016 2:30pm

Despite increasing awareness of malnutrition and its effects, one in three patients continue to be malnourished with an annual cost of $156.7 billion for disease-related malnutrition in the U.S across eight diseases. Malnutrition is not just contained within the parameters of the hospital or in a certain population. It is also becoming a leading cause of hospital re-admissions for the aging individual across ethnic communities. Treatment and prevention programs are even more imperative now after changes in reimbursements related to the Health Care Reform Act. The purpose of Malnutrition Awareness Week is to continue to raise awareness of malnutrition and its negative effects on individuals and health care costs. In addition, Malnutrition Awareness Week activities intend, to provide specific strategies for addressing and implementing programs and resources to combat malnutrition within the hospital and community settings. This webinar will address the specific needs in addressing malnutrition, its effect on healthcare, and associated costs from the perspective of the medical physician. Furthermore, an update will be provided on where health care currently stands in diagnosing malnutrition and the comparison of patients according to their diagnosis.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Outline reasons the older adult is at an increased risk for developing malnutrition
  2. Describe the development of sarcopenia and how it affects the aging individual
  3. Outline current interventions and community programs available which address malnutrition in this population