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PG2-2017 - Postgraduate Course 2: Critical Care - Current and Controversial Topics in ICU Nutrition

‐ Feb 18, 2017 4:00pm

Nutrition in the ICU is a vast topic encompassing numerous modalities and diseases. With this course, we will combine brief lectures on individual topics of interest or controversy enhanced with richly detailed cases. The lectures will deliver content on guidelines and new evidence in critical care. After a set of these lectures, participants will work in multi-disciplinary groups to develop solutions to their ICU cases. Their solutions will be presented to their peers and faculty and critiqued.


  1. Discuss controversial aspects of the recent SCCM/ASPEN guidelines
  2. Examine the role of the microbiome in critical illness
  3. Discuss nutritional requirements in acute lung injury
  4. Develop comprehensive nutrition plans given complex detailed patient cases